About me

I am a professor for software engineering at the Technische Hochschule Mittelhessen (THM) in Gießen. Previously, I worked as a project manager ‚Systems Engineering‘ and as a system architect in the e-mobility field at Schaeffler Automotive in Bühl. Before joining Schaeffler, I was head of the group ‚Requirements Engineering and Conceptual Design‘ at paluno (The Ruhr Institute for Software Technology) at the University of Duisburg-Essen for more than ten years. Furthermore, in 2020, I was an acting full professor (W3) at the Institute for Software Technology at the University of Koblenz. I am an elected full member of the International Requirements Engineering Board e.V. (IREB) and was vice chair of the IREB Council from 2015 to 2019. The main focus of my work lies on model-based techniques and methods for the design of software-intensive systems, in particular of highly-automated cyber-physical systems (CPS).


Recently published with colleagues from Schaeffler: Weyer, T.; Hector, M.; Hörth, J.-N.; Kraus, P.; Man, L.: Chainless Drive Systems for Pedelecs. MTZ Worldwide 83, 46–51, Springer (2022). [DOI]

Recently published: Bandyszak T.; Weyer, T.; Daun, M.: Uncertainty Theories for Real-Time Systems. In: Tian YC., Levy D.C. (eds) Handbook of Real-Time Computing. Springer, Singapore, 2021. [DOI]

Recently published: Daun, M.; Brings, J., Weyer, T.: Model inspections in the engineering of collaborative cyber-physical systems with instance-level review diagrams. Journal on Software Evolution and Process, John Wiley & Sons. 2021. [DOI]

Recently published: Weyer, T.; Daun, M.; Tenbergen, B.: The Changing World and the Adapting Machine – How Digital Transformation Changes Requirements Engineering in the Embedded and Cyber-Physical Systems Industry. IEEE Software 38(5): 83-91 (2021). [DOI]

Recently published: Looking ahead. In: DevOps for Trustworthy Smart IoT Systems. Now Publishers, 2021, 259–264. (together with: Metzger, A.; Soria, C. C.; Garbajosa, J.; Morena, A. M.; Pakkala, D.; Rantale, J.; Robin, V.; Saarinen, J.; Skjellaug, B.; Song, H.; Surridge, M.; Tuikka, T.; Urban, J.)[DOI]

Recently published: Einführungsstrategie für ein durchgängiges modellbasiertes Systems Engineering. ATZ Automobiltech Z 123, 82–87 (2021). (together with: Goger, M.; Koch, W.; Kremer, B.) [DOI]

English translation: Implementation Strategy for Seamless Model-Based Systems Engineering. ATZ Worldw 123, 66–71 (2021). [DOI]
Recently published: Teaching Model-based Requirements Engineering to Industry Professionals: An Experience Report. 43rd International Conference on Software Engineering (ICSE 2021), Joint Software Engineering Education and Training (JSEET) track. (together with: Daun, M.; Brings, J.; Goger, M.; Koch, W.) [DOI] **** Best Paper Award ****

Recently published: Böhm, B.; Böhm, W.; Daun, M.; Hayward, A.; Kranz, S.; Regnat, N.; Schröck, S.; Stierand, I.; Vogelsang, A.; Voss, S.; Weyer, T.; Wortmann, A.: Engineering of Collaborative Embedded Systems. In: Böhm, W.; Broy, M.; Klein, C.; Pohl, K.; Rumpe, B.; Schröck, S. (Eds.) Model-based Engineering of Collaborative Embedded Systems, Springer, Cham, 2020. 15-48. [DOI]
Book Chapter | Engineering of Embedded and Cyber-physical Systems | Technical Contribution

Recently published: Bandyszak, T.; Jöckel, L.; Kläs, M.; Törsleff, S.; Weyer, T.; Wirtz, B.: Handling Uncertainty in Collaborative Embedded Systems Engineering. In: Böhm, W.; Broy, M.; Klein, C.; Pohl, K.; Rumpe, B.; Schröck, S. (Eds.) Model-based Engineering of Collaborative Embedded Systems, Springer, Cham, 2020. 147-170. [DOI]
Book Chapter | Engineering of Embedded and Cyber-physical Systems | Technical Contribution

Working Areas

  • Cyber-Physical Systems
  • Highly-automated Systems | Cognitive Systems
  • Model-based Systems and Software Engineering (MBSE)
  • Requirements Engineering
  • Trustworthy Systems

Projects (Selection)

  • Software Platform Embedded Systems 2020 (SPES 2020)
  • Software Platform Embedded Systems XT (SPES XT)
  • Logistics Future Internet Platform (LoFiP)
  • Operational Trustworthiness Enabling Technologies (OPTET)
  • Software Platform Embedded Systems – Dissemination and Transfer (SPEDiT)
  • Collaborative Embedded Systems (CrESt)
  • Development, Operation, and Quality Assurance of Trustworthy Smart IoT Systems (ENACT

Application Domains

  • Automotive | Autonomous Driving
  • Industrie 4.0
  • Aerospace
  • Medical Technology

Reviewing (Selection)

Evaluator for Research Papers
  • Journal for Systems and Software, Elsevier
  • Requirements Engineering Journal, Springer
  • Proceedings of the Royal Society, The Royal Society
  • Computers in Industry, Elsevier
  • Software-Intensive Cyber-Physical Systems, Springer
  • Software Practice and Experience, Wiley
  • Future Generation Computer Systems, Elsevier
  • IEEE Access, IEEE
  • Information and Software Technology, Elsevier
  • Science of Computer Programming, Elsevier
  • Business & Information Systems Engineering, Springer-Gabler
Evaluator for Research Panels
  • Deutsche Forschungsgemeinschaft (DFG)
  • European Union (Horizon 2020) | Platforms4CPS
  • Ministry of Economics Hessen | Innovationmanagement Hessen


  • Requirements Engineering Magazine, Editorial Board Member
  • Software and Systems Modeling (SoSyM), Guest-Editor
  • Complex Systems Informatics and Modeling Quarterly (CSIMQ), Guest-Editor


  • German Informatics Society (GI) e.V.
  • International Requirements Engineering Board (IREB) e.V.
  • Association for Computing Machinery (ACM)


Recent talk: On the way to trustworthy highly-automated CPS – Some thoughts on safety and security requirements in the age of autonomous systems and machine learning. September 1, 2020; 28th IEEE International Requirements Engineering Conference (RE’20), Industry Day, Zurich, Switzerland.

Due to a number of requests. Below you will find the download link for the lecture slides of my lecture „Software Architektur“ which I gave at the University of Koblenz in the winter term 2019/20